Celebrating the 400 Years of The Champlain Valley


Champlain ValleyEverything happened back in 1609, when Samuel de Champlain discovered the tremendous expanse of the Champlain Lake, which is in the Green Mountains to the east, and the Adirondacks on the west. This year the province of Quebec, Vermont and New York State are remembering the Champlain’s first exploration – there will be several special events and variety of programs held.
Illustrated overview of the 4 centuries of Champlain region’s history will be provided by Strum. The issues to be discussed by him are: military struggles for the control of the important Champlain corridor, the impact of French dominance in the region (which lasted for about 150 years in 17th-18th centuries), and the role the lake has played in expansion and economic growth.
The presentation is scheduled to start at 2PM and is free of charge for the members of the Adirondack Museum and children up to the elementary school students. All residents of Saranac Village at Will Rogers are subjects to free admission. All non-members may enter for a small fee of $5.00. If you need an additional information please contact the Education Department at (518) 352-7311 , ext. 128 or visit the web site of this museum at www.adirondackmuseum.org.
Rich Strum has been occupying the position of Director of Interpretation and Education at Fort Ticonderoga for more than 10 years - since 1999. Other achievement is that he serves as North Country Regional Coordinator in the New York State History Day. Strum is the author of famous book Ticonderoga: Lake Champlain Steamboat; and 2 books for younger readers: Henry Know: Washington's Artilleryman and Causes of the American Revolution. Now he lives in Ticonderoga, New York with his wife and daughters.

Tips For Green Vacations


Tips For Green VacationsIf you go to a neighboring country or travel to distant countries, there are many ways you can stay clean. In some cases, it's just a matter of practice the same good habits that you have to practice at home.


Lake Vacations - Breathe In The Fresh Air And Beauty


Lake VacationsAre you looking for a place that will give you a vacation experience that you will remember for a long time to come? Holidays in the beautiful lake of destination may be just what you want.


Lake Vacation Rentals


Lake Vacation RentalsThe importance of a break in the daily affairs can not be podorvano.Avantyurnye of them can go on an excursion trip to the mountains. Others may have a relaxing stay back on one of the sandy beaches.


Himalayan Mountain Tour


Himalayan Mountain TourHimalayas is definitely one of the most pictured mountain ranges. They are very popular yet they are very young in terms of existence. The evolution of the Himalayan mountain ranges can be traced back to the Jurassic era.


Pond At The Dusk


Himalayan Mountain TourLang Elliot; The creator of specialized website “music of nature” regarding exploration of nature’s mystery states “I love nature’s mysterious voices of the night, and Australia provides a fabulous potpourri nearly everywhere, especially there is water”.


Travelling with pets


airline-travel-for-petsThe airlines are starting to cater the four-legged friends, that many people are now enjoying the travel with their pets. Some hotels itself provide facilities for the pets with personalized beds, gourmet treats, and turn-down service. It is the responsibility of the pet owner to be well prepared for the vacation if they are travelling with their pets.


Active Recreation

Smartest and most intellegent dogs breeds

Did you know a fact, that border collie is the most intellegent dog breed ? Everybody who has own dogs knew that they are the smartest and intellegent dog breed. But actually, there are official scientific statistic. Canadian scientist and professor develop a method for determining intelligence on base of nature of this rapid, sensitive, energetic, understanding, constant physical and mental exercises.The smartest and top most intelligent dogs breed is a Border Collie. Next in this rating are Poodles and German Shepherd dog breeds.